Tuesday, November 27, 2012

World...We have a Problem. A Picture Problem

I was informed recently that I have almost reached the free quota for picture posting on this blog through Picassa which is what is freely provided (and easy) to use with this blog. *Gulp* I am now researching other possibilities. I know they are out there. Some fellow bloggers have been blogging with pictures like me for years after all...and surely they are not all paying for that. I mean...I do not pay for storing my most precious pictures so paying for storing my blog picture sounds just a tad bit ridiculous.

Anyhow, I am unsure what I'll be doing next. I am not signing off for good; I am not ready for that. Although blogging takes way more time than I thought and is a bit less rewarding than anticipated, I still enjoy it which is the main goal. I may still post without pictures and add them later or I may hold off on posting until I find a solution....If you have one, feel free to comment on this post. Any help would be appreciated...

because blogging without pictures is like cake without frosting. It still tastes good but it just doesn't look nearly as enticing.


P.S. I have one more post planned with full on pictorial and then...off to solution hunting...Wish me luck!

Just a quick update...It seems I have now worked things out for a full-on picture blog folks! I've teamed up with Flickr and am now resizing my pictures BIG time because even with Flickr's generous monthly allowance, 15 pictures almost costed me my entire November ration! LOL So, I'll be back more regularly now that I've figured things out! Yay!

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