Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pretend Play Stations Invitations

The end of the school year is approaching quickly for us and I've been slowing trying to devise a plan for the summer months. Last year, we did a few thematic mini-units, spent time with family and friends who came to visit us and traveled a bit but this year, other than the preparative work required for Adrian to transfer from German school to an "English" school, I'll probably be giving the kids a "summer off". It'll give me to time to prepare for the upcoming preschool year for the little one and will also allow for everyone to relax (including me!). That being said, I am a very organized person who loves planning and couldn't help but start drawing charts and monthly/weekly planners of possibilities! :O One thing I'd like to explore this summer is pretend play (that ain't school, now is it?). This household is mostly following the Montessori philosophy when it comes to education and as such, pretend play is not a huge part of our daily lives. I still think it's important though and I can see my children improvising in that area more and more everyday, so this summer, I'd like to provide more in that area to help them get their imagination going.

12 Pretend Play Stations Are to Be Set Up This Summer!

Here is a list of pretend play dramatic art stations I intend to put together this summer. I believe I'll invite them to participate in one every week and take it from there. Zahavah will be 3 and a half at that time and  Adrian will be turning 6 during the summer so their level of involvement will of course differ a bit but having a partner to play with will at least be a possibility. I also want to mention that as much as possible, these stations will be set OUTSIDE! There is no reason why these should remain indoors after all...

Pretend Play Stations Line-Up 
(in no particular order)

Flower Shop
Farmer's Market or Grocery Store
Museum (Art Gallery or Natural History)
Restaurant or Pizza Parlor
Science Lab

As time goes by of course, I'll look deeper into each station and see if some need to be cut off the list or added...and I'll keep you posted as we explore pretend play ("pretend play" just doesn't sound like the right wording somehow...)! :)

So what do you think? Are there any pretend play stations you feel were left out? Any you'd like me to set up and share on the blog over the summer? Share your comments below. I love hearing from you!

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  1. I loved the idea and can't wait to see them in action!

    1. Thanks! I'll keep on updating this post with links to all the stations as we go through them over the summer! :)