Friday, May 2, 2014

Breaking Radio Silence & Some Asia Continent Activities

I am terribly sorry for being so quiet on both Facebook and the blog lately. I really didn't mean to but it has been a bit busier and more stressful around here this Spring and this has left me with little free time to post anything. Unfortunately, I do not expect things to be back to "normal" until much later this month either (possibly the beginning of June even). I do miss blogging though and will most definitely be back once most everything is settled. Until then, I thought I'd share some of the educational fun we've been having during our Asia unit. Kind of a wordless post with just a few activities.

Art - Japanese Lantern
These were most definitely adapted for kids...They don't look very traditional but they were fun to do...Lots of instructions on Japanese paper lanterns available on the Internet.

Korean Calligraphy
Not all letters look the same from language to language and as Adrian is part Korean, I thought it'd be nice for him to learn how to write a few words in the language. It's good culturally and it's a good exercise for dexterity as well. Here's to "Thursday".

Language - Reading "fortunes" from "Fortune Cookies"
I try to include language activities as much as possible for Adrian and try to make reading fun. He loves  digging for things in playdough so I decided to make the much stereotyped fortune cookies for him to break open and read. I know we'd never find these treats in Asia and explained to Adrian where to look for them...aka in Chinese restaurants in the U.S. :)

Art : Painting with Tea Bags
Tea being from China, here was my chance to offer a very sensorial activity: painting with tea bags. The children loved the smell and so did almost convinced me of trying tea again! :) We used a fruit tea sampler and a green tea bag as well.

Art: Crafting a Chinese Fan
Little hand fans are quite popular in this household due to the presence of Princess Zahavah so the latter was happy to get a chance at making her own along with her brother. Using a folded coffee filter and wooden sticks, it was quite simple to make and provided lots of play...Further instructions at Busy Bee Kids Crafts.

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