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2013-2014 Kindergarten Themes for Adrian

Drum roll please: I have finally finished to "dot the i's and cross the t's" on my Kindergarten themes for 2013-2014! Honestly, this list was somewhat ready well before Zahavah's was, but I somehow was hesitant to go from draft to final version. As some of you may know, Adrian, now 5,  will be entering Kindergarten this fall and will be attending school full-time as a result. It wasn't exactly a choice; technically, Germany doesn't allow children to be home schooled so Adrian must go to school "full-time" this year and if we wish to "home school" him, so be it...but only after school is over. :) Adrian of course loves to learn and loves "school with mama". I do have my doubts as to how much he'll really be able to do after a full day in German Kindergarten; thus the hesitation at putting together themes and a new home school binder together for that matter. In the end, I am still going forward with themes this year because Adrian loved the concept last year but I won't prepare nearly as many activities as I did in the past. I also decided to keep home schooling in place for Adrian because Adrian is still behind in some areas of learning and well...I'd like for him to read English too! ;)

Mother and Son
Adrian and I at a garden this summer; lots of botany!

2013-2014 Kindergarten Mini-Unit Themes


It's All About Me !
Home of the Oldest Countries : Europe
On the Farm


The Colorful Season : Fall
Little Monsters & Robots
Build it Up : Legos, Playmobil and MegaBloks


The New World: North America
Inventions & Gadgets
Training Camp (Sports)


The Angry Birds Strike Back
The "Frozen" Continent : Antarctica


To the Milky Way and Beyond
On the Go (transportation)
Home of the World's Largest Tropical Rainforest : South America
I Rock (rocks)


Celebrating Dr. Seuss (children's book author)
Valentine's Day
Mini Winter Olympics
At the Zoo


My Healthy Body (nutrition, human body)
St. Patrick's Day
By the Pond
The Terrible Lizards (Dinosaurs)


Construction Zone
The Largest Continent: Asia
In the Garden


Up in the Sky (weather)
The Sweet Life (sweets & candies)
The Smallest Continent : Australia
Don't Bug Me ! (insects)


Ocean Life
Circus Time
The Cradle of Humankind : Africa

The continent study is spread throughout the school year as you can see but it may be blended in the month itself instead of being completely separated from the other themes covered during that month. I'll see how best to cover it. One thing is sure, Adrian's developed a passion for geography lately so he'll be very happy to see it on the "menu" this year! :)

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  1. Looks like a good list! Can't wait to see more!

    1. Thank you! Tried to keep the beloved themes from last year and include some novelty! :)

  2. Great theme ideas. I saw some on your list similar to the ones I put on our list for this new school year. I worked on our list for most of the afternoon today. I added some well-known authors and books to our list: Eric Carle, Jan Brett, Shel Silverstein. I am excited for this year.

    1. I'm sure. I always pick some classic themes so my themes will always be somewhat similar to what you'd find in other homes or even public schools. I did think about including some books to our unit studies but as our time will be limited, I ended up picking only Dr. Seuss for this year. I'm sure we'll be reading lots as usual though. Happy planning for next school year! :)

  3. Are you on Pinterest?
    I have boards for many of those themes.
    I am so sorry that you are denied the freedom to homeschool! It makes me very grateful to live in a country/state where I am (currently) able to homeschool (though there are many working to put an end to that freedom).

    1. I am not on Pinterest at this time. I am somewhat of an old-fashioned person in that department and still jot down URLs on post-its! LOL I'm sure I'll eventually catch up though so thanks for leaving me your info. :) I'm ok with not homeschooling full time by the way. I still get to do my thing with my son when he comes home so I'm fine with it...for now anyway. He enjoys seeing other children and I consider it culturally enriching for him to learn another language and socializing. Next year, we'll see if I feel like battling my way though red tape. :) This year, I felt like he'd be ok since it's "only" Kindergarten and he's already "beyond" that level in many aspects.

  4. I love your theme lists. I always get such great ideas from them.

    1. Thanks! Sorry I had to make it a bit repetitive this year! LOL I always try to innovate but my mind will only stretch so far it seems! LOL