Thursday, June 27, 2013

A World of Flavor

Gastronomy is most certainly not what Sorting Sprinkles is all about but in an effort to diversify my picky eater's diet, I created a unique "World Cuisine" menu for him to try out every Friday and thought I'd share the outline with you. Why share this you may wonder if it is "unbefitting"? Well, as some of you may know, a big "chunk" of the Geography curriculum is spent studying "The World", to include its people...and you guessed it: its regional food, and so gastronomy as it turns out, may not be, after all, be as misplaced as I initially thought it out to be. I also think some of you may enjoy seeing or hearing about our little worldly culinary experiment (or even embark along on your own...). Do I  guarantee a weekly post on the topic? Absolutely not. Will there be a picture for every dish? Probably not! (My kids eat as quick as the food hits the plate most of the time) but it will be pretty healthy and I will try to keep it as authentic as possible.

Parisian baguette Eiffel Tower
Paris, 2007. My husband convinced me to take a picture with
"un beret et une baguette" in front of the Eiffel Tower to celebrate
my French ancestry.  (Cousins de France: Je ne sais pas si vous portez
vraiment des bérets autant que les gens le pensent. J'en doute mais
 j'aime bien. Pour ce qui est de la baguette; il n'y a pas de doute
et le monde entier vous en remercie!)

Curious about my line-up? Here's what I've come up with so far...Please keep in mind that it is subject to change and that my selection had nothing to do with my "preference" of certain countries over others. I simply tried to pick countries that I had previously had a chance to visit or that featured some "easy" to find ingredients for "easy to make" dishes. :)

World Cuisine Prospectus 2013-2014


September 6 : Korean
September 13 : Italian
September 20 : Jamaican
September 27 : Cape Verdean


October 4 : Lebanese
October 11 : Portuguese
October 18 : Mexican
October 25 : Malagasy


November 1 : Greek
November 8 : Iranian
November 15 : German
November 22 : Chadian
November 29 : Kiwi


December 6 : Japanese
December 13 : French-Canadian


January 10 : Saudi Arabian
January 17 : Cuban
January 24 : Hungarian
January 31 : Vietnamese


February 7 : Thai
February 14 : French
February 21 : American (Southern Barbecue)
February 28 : Moroccan


March 7 : Afghan
 March 14 : Irish
March 21 : Argentinian
March 28 : Israeli


April 4 : Indian
April 11 : Panamanian
April 18 : Spanish
April 25 : Tunisian


May 2 : Turkish
May 9 : Danish
May 16 : Brazilian
May 23 : Indonesian
May 30 : Costa Rican


June 6 : Chineese
June 13 : Maltese

End of the School Year and the "Tastebuds Program" :)

I think I covered every continent (apart from Antarctica of course) and am hoping to keep up with the initial decision of having this gastronomy menu on a weekly basis. If you happen to live in one the above mentioned countries, please feel free to drop me a line and make a dish suggestion! I'd love to hear from you as I've thought of a menu for each country but haven't set my mind on any yet.

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  1. Love it! We do a similar thing and call it "International Food Night". It's such a great way to encourage kids to try new things.
    You can see my posts here if you'd like...
    Sarah : )

    1. I will certainly have to take a look Sarah! Having had the opportunity to live in four countries and having traveled quite a bit, trying different cuisines is something that has grown on me and I am hoping my children will want to as well. So far, the oldest is not as adventurous...I bet if I put flags on the dishes, it will help! :)