Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer Enrichment Program for Preschoolers - Themes 2013

Back a few months ago, I presented a draft of what I thought might happen with Adrian's summer. I suggested that we might keep homeschooling but in a lighter version and I decided to follow through with this initial decision. (yay !?! ) Adrian could use some help in a few departments to be ready before his Grand Entrance in "Kindergarten", he loves doing "school with mama" and he looks frankly bored on the week-ends when school is out. On top of that, German school, which he attends a few hours a week, will not be out until the 31 of July, so if I were to, say, stop homeschooling now, he would, I'm sure, think I'm quite lazy! :) I am thus preparing a summer enrichment program for him to enjoy throughout the summer but in  a"lighter" version because well, I really want to be able to enjoy the summer and not feel like we have to get through anything. It's enrichment, not anything that MUST be done. If the weather is nice, I want to be able to just say: let's go out and play instead. I also want to spend most of my evenings and week-ends planning for the upcoming school year; not on planning the summer units... (Bad mama ! hehehe)

Ms. Dragonfly, last spotted in our NY backyard two summers ago;
back then, summers were quite spontaneous!

Summer Enrichment Program "Tiny Units" for Preschoolers

It's a Luau ! (Week of June 17)

Space Camp (Week of July 1st)
Circus Time (Week of July 15)
Construction Zone (Week of July 22)
Ocean Life (Week of July 29)

Legos (Week of of August 5)
Out West with the Cowboys (Week of August 12)

You will notice that some weeks have been left out...That is not a mistake. Living abroad means we tend to have lots of friends and family members stopping by for a visit (of course, that's usually during the best season: the summer). As such, during these weeks, school will be out. If you are lucky, I'll have prepared some posts in advance and you won't notice my absence so much... :) Regular school should resume the very first week of September.

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