Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Visit from the Tooth Fairy

Adrian might only be five years old (well 5 in a few weeks anyway) but according to his dentist, he may be only a few days/weeks away from losing his first baby tooth. Stunned? Me too! The premature loss of this tooth is indeed not "natural"...and causing me much sadness but despite much begging and multiple inquiries, it is likely to happen and the result of "environmental unawareness". Simply put: My son walked into a parked car and bumped an upper central incisor so hard that the poor deciduous tooth's root was well...no longer completely attached to the pearly white. How did he do that? I guess he wasn't looking in front of him while walking and bumped against a car's side mirror. Thankfully, having completed a mini-unit on Dental Health a few weeks prior and discussed how "baby teeth" get loose and eventually fall out to be replaced by permanent teeth, Adrian didn't panic when he felt his tooth had become shaky. He simply and proudly announced that he was a big boy now and that it was time for him to get a bigger and stronger tooth. :) In the light of these recent events, I quickly set to research what the Tooth Fairy has been up to these days in case it would come pay us a visit and then made sure everything was ready for its arrival...

Homemade Tooth Fairy Kit

Tooth Pillow
The Tooth Pillow - Hanging on the Doorknob

Tooth Pillow close Up
Tooth Pillow - Close -Up

When I was a little girl, I used to put my tooth under my pillow and the Tooth Fairy would come replace it by a monetary gift in the middle of the night. Apparently, one night, the Tooth Fairy was caught in the act. Not wanting to ruin this for Adrian, but also because I might forget or wake up "A" by trying to find the tooth, I decided to make him a Tooth Pillow to hang on his doorknob. The lost tooth will be put in the mouth of the Tooth Pillow and will be replaced by a monetary gift once the tooth has been collected. Thanks to this clever concept, the Tooth Fairy won't even need to go in the room...and chances are, it will be much harder for tired fairies to forget to as well...  :) I made the pillow myself using MmmCrafts Pattern's and their ideas to decorate this little pillow. I initially found the idea for the pillow on Making Life Whimsical though.

Tooth Fairy Certificate
A Certificate of Record

Once the tooth has been picked up by the fairy and the money spent, what's there to remind the child of the Tooth Fairy's visit? Not much... So how about about a certificate? I got mine for free from Toys in the Dryer and printed it on certificate paper purchased from Office Depot a few years ago (leftover certificate paper I used back when I was a teacher).

Tooth Fairy Letter
A Letter from the Tooth Fairy

A personalized letter from the Tooth Fairy? Why not? Everybody loves getting letters! I plan on mailing Adrian's letter so it will get here a few days after the fairy comes to make it look like it came from the Office of the Fairies. I always check the mailbox with the kids so finding something addressed to no other than himself, Adrian will be rejoicing I'm sure. I used the Toys in the Dryer seal on the letter to match the certificate. Gotta make it match you know...P.S. I removed my son's name from this one as I used his full name. The rest is exactly as it will be mailed.

Tooth Fairy Dust
The Tooth Fairy Dust

Not that it's a must but it makes it kind of cool and more credible to sprinkle a bit of fairy dust from the point of entrance (a skylight in our case) to the Tooth Pillow. I put salt exclusively in my shaker because I honestly have a tough time removing glitter from my wood floors but if you don't, go ahead and make your kid's day by sprinkling very fine glitter on the floor as a trail and spread the magic! 
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  1. Your tooth fairy pillow is adorable!

    1. Thanks! I love working with felt so it was fun to make! :) Still waiting to use it... :)

  2. love your tooth fairy. My eldest lost his first tooth a few months ago it happen 2 days before his 8th birthday, and he was the last in his class to lose a baby tooth. I am so glad my kids eat a healthy diet and brush their teeth everyday, I know a few children who are only 3 and lost a few baby teeth

    1. I really was hoping my son wouldn't loose any teeth for a few more years but clumsiness runs in the family unfortunately! :( We have managed to save the tooth for over a month now thankfully but it is now very loose and about to fall out I'm afraid. Oh well. I am sure he will be looking where he is walking now! :) Cheers!

  3. What a creative idea! My 4 1/2 year old just lost 2 teeth and I was so unprepared. Maybe by the time she loses the next one I'll be ready with some of these ideas. I love the idea of mailing a letter from the Office of the Fairies (lol!) and the fairy dust is just awesome too!

    1. It's never too late to bring in some magic! :) Some items like the tooth pillow take more time to prepare but the fairy dust and letter and pretty straight forward so as long as it's printed and sprinkled, you should have it covered for next time! :) Glad you stopped by! :)