Monday, July 28, 2014

Dr. Getzwell's Doctor's Office Pretend Play

It has been a very long time since my last post, don't you guys think? I'm sorry I've been keeping you all waiting. Summer is always busy with little trips here and there and lots of friends and family coming by to visit us so I'm always a bit slower at posting during the season but today, I'm taking the time to post about our last pretend play station. In anticipation for a doctor's visit, I put together a Doctor's Office pretend play station. The weather was nice and warm so everything was set up outside to the delight of my little ones. Here's how we set up the play:

Our Doctor's Office was complete with patient forms, Prescription Pad,
Notepad and of course, lollipops for the brave kids who receive vaccines! :)

Daddy provided a white shirt for our local doctor as well as
a respirator mask!

In the examination room, one could find swabs, cotton balls, bandages,
tongue depressors, syringes (really just colorful pens shaped like syringes),
gloves and the physical exam forms.

Checking out a patient's blood pressure with the REAL
monitor. A thrill!

Zahavah getting Adrian to perform an  eye exam

Table filled with everything the doctor might need, including samples!

Doctor's Office for consulting (See Toddler Approved for Office sign!)

Dr. Getzwell had many patients that day but still found time to do the
administrative work!

Notepad and various X-Rays in file folders
(can't remember where I printed these from but if you search
for "foot x-ray and such, you'll find plenty!). 

The Doctor's Office was quite a popular station. Both kids enjoyed it. Both played patient and both played the doctor's role as well. They loved the non-latex gloves and the fact that I allowed the use od real bandages and blood pressure machine. Sadly, although they were very attractive, the forms didn't get much attention. They just preferred to be hands-on that day I guess...

Throughout the summer, we also enjoyed other stations. I've linked them all up to the main post so if you want to get some ideas as to how we set up a car wash or grooming salon, click here! We will hopefully have time to set up the remaining stations before summer ends!

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