Wednesday, September 10, 2014


A little while ago, I put a notice on Sorting Sprinkles' Facebook page in regards to my long break from the blog. I thought it might be nice to also put a notice here, in case I did not reach everybody:

Sometime during the late Spring, I started making inquiries about 1st grade for my son Adrian. Being that we live abroad, I knew the choices for schooling would be somewhat "limited". In the end, we decided to go the homeschooling route. Of course, it is much more time consuming than the local school option but at the same time, we all thought it was the best decision. Adrian has since started first grade at home and things are slowly starting to adjust themselves. I am hoping to be able to start planning some educational and thematic activities for my little one very soon. When this happens, I'll do my very best to share these with you. For now, I only wanted to drop by with a quick "hello" and some news! In case anyone is curious as to what Adrian is doing this year, I'll post about it shortly. Thanks for your continued support!

-Sorting Sprinkles' founder & editor

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