Monday, June 16, 2014

Super Propre Car Wash Pretend Play

Who is getting hot summery temps? I must say last week was a super hot, sunny and "sadly" non-breezy week for us in Germany. We hit the pool but also needed more to keep us cool. The kids suggested popsicles and gelato but I thought better...something more lasting and less calorific: a car wash! Oh the fun we had! Mind you if you plan on trying this at home, make sure that like me, the kids (and possibly yourself) are in bathing suits. They will get wet and that is a big part of the fun and refreshment of a hot "summer" day. Our pretend play was indeed a bit less pretend this week as the kids really got to wash cars but well, I didn't go so far as to let them wash our real vehicles...

car wash pretend play
Welcome to the Super Propre Car Wash! Sponges, cloths, squeegee,
bucket of soapy water, hose, "window cleaner", duster, you name it!

Car wash supplies. Nothing fancy. Thought about putting some
empty wax containers and wheel sprays and such but thought
we'd stick to stuff we could actually use on that hot day.

The hose was the most beloved item at the
car wash. Everyone wanted it all...the...time
(p.s. our lawn was SO thankful for this activity!)

Little Z chose to dust her car first. She washed her car many,
many times that afternoon...

What's more fun than a big bucket filled with
soapy bubbles? So sensorial.
Made ours blue and warm! :)

Dusting, cleaning, scrubbing, rinsing...the kids had a blast!

The car wash was the pretend play station my son most related to. I had mentioned that we'd do this one as soon as the temperatures would get into the 30s (Celsius) and there was no pushing this one further by one day. He was looking forward to it and participated longer than he usually does in our pretend play sessions (he is very anchored in reality and doesn't do the pretend thingy...). My little girl, well, she is asking everyday to host a car wash despite the fact that the temperatures have dropped by OVER 10 degrees now. :) She washed and detailed her car for over 1hour that day! That's right! Simply loved it. But then again, she loves to play pretend. Loved the grooming salon, liked the shoe store and library set up as well and will probably enjoy whatever we'll do next! To see our pretend play station line up for the summer, check out my previous post here.

P.S. Let the kids be the kids today...if you put the hose out for use, let them handle it by themselves after a short lesson on how it works and how to use it. They will be so proud of themselves and it's good for their fine motor skills to work that trigger. You may, on the other hand, make it clear that the hose is for rinsing the play cars only before the final hand-out...You'd be surprised at how creative kids can be when it comes to watering down the "stuff" around them...:)

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    1. Thank you! It sure was fun and will probably be repeated later this summer! :)