Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Angry Birds for Preschoolers - Part 2

Can't get enough of our Angry Birds activities? Check these out! They were all a hit.

Matching Angry Birds and Feathers

After a rough attack onto the Bad Piggies, the Angry Birds lost quite a few feathers. Match the feathers with the bird who lost them and count them when you are done. Adrian quickly executed the task thinking it was a good scenario and we then looked at which bird had lost the most and least feathers in the battle.

Labeling the Angry Birds

Adrian can't read but labeling makes him feel like he can and it makes him so proud. As such, I used the Angry Birds pictures (1 bird per color) and printed color labels as well. Adrian then had to match the birds with their right color label. At first, he was overwhelmed. I had to show him how to read the words but hiding all the letters except the first one and to then make the letter sound. It then came naturally to him that  the sound "o" came from "orange" and he quickly put the label with the orange bird. 

Pigs and wood sticks

In the latest Angry Birds attack, the pigs lost their houses and would now like to re-build with timber. A number was put down with each pig and a stack of "popsicle" sticks too. Adrian then distributed the timber to each pig. There was just enough sticks for each pig. Numbers ranged from 0 to 20.

Feeding the Angry Birds

I purchased some bird seed and set some down in a bowl with a small measuring spoon. I also put down some homemade Angry Bird pompoms and a number for each of them. The number indicated how many scoops of seed each bird desired. I then asked Adrian who was the most and least hungry.

The Angry Birds pooped!

Well this certainly made Adrian excited. With the Angry Birds pictures printed from Wikia Angry Birds and some Mini Smarties (I guess M&M would work too. I just prefer Smarties), we had the perfect bird poop activity. I put all the mini smarties in a bowl and let Adrian sort by color. He then counted how many poops each bird had made and put the right number above...

Giving water to the Angry Birds

Yep...if the birds are hungry...they're also thirsty. Birds don't drink a lot and sometimes must be fed with a dropper so we used an old medicine dropper, a glass with water and 3 empty applesauce containers as water bowls. The number indicated how many squirts of water each bird needed. Not only is this a math activity but it's also a fine motor one. Squeezing that small dropper to get water in and out is not as easy as it seems for a child. 

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  1. My two boys, 5 & 3, are going to love these!!

    1. If they like Angry Birds as much as Adrian does, I'm sure they will. My son was thrilled to spend an entire week on the topic!

  2. Great ideas! I really like the scooping birdseed activity. We have some big Angry Birds fans at my house!

    1. Thanks! Have fun with the unit. I must say I was hesitant creating a unit about an app but my son likes it so much that he it was worth it. He just lit up when he learned we'd spend a week on the topic. Made learning a breeze!

  3. What a fun lesson! We have some avid angry birds fans at our house =)

    Thanks for linking up to TGIF! Hope to see you linked up again today!
    Beth =)

    1. It is such an addictive game I'm afraid. Time spent on that is closely monitored and rarely allowed but it makes all the more loved! :) A week spent learning about it made it more tolerable though! :) Thank you for offering us such a nice environment to share Beth!