Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween for Preschoolers - Part 2

I really missed Halloween this year. It's always a bit sad to live abroad and miss on this cute tradition of dressing up, trick-or-treating and decorating. We still did the best of it and decorated inside and out, bought costumes and yup...went trick-or-treat to the neighbors we know. They told us that Halloween is starting to catch up in Germany and that some kids do trick-or-treat too. We only welcomed 4 at our house but the kids still enjoyed showing off their costumes and getting candy (aka entire chocolate bars!)

Science - Hunting with spider webs

So my son is now at the stage where spider webs are scary. To ease the scariness, I thought we would hunt down those webs for Halloween and remove them if empty. To do so, I handed Adrian an empty spray bottle which we filled with water. I then asked him where he thought we'd find spiderwebs. He knew too well where they usually are in our yard. Every time he thought there might be a web, he'd spray and the web would magically appear. He would then take the witch's broom and remove it gently. The one pictured above was removed later by my husband! Go figure...I'm scared of these critters too! :)

Counting eraser-ghosts

Using our sandpaper numbers from Montessori Outlet. Adrian loves for me to take them out every so often at which point he traces them and then moves on to the activity. I put the exact amount of erasers needed as a self-correcting tactic and took care to mix up the numbers this time to ensure concentration. Adrian quickly corrected his mistake when he ran out of erasers for number 5. Erasers were bought at Target in the dollar bin.

Clothespins on Halloween pail

Great exercise for little fingers in need of fine motor developement. I used a small metal pail purchased at Target and small Halloween clothespins found at Michael's. Adrian then had to decorate the pail by putting the clothespins on the rim. He did great and it looks like the small clothespins are not as challenging as they used to be...

Halloween stamping patterns

Here's a great activity to do with stamps; patterning. I usually create the pattern in front of Adrian and go halfway on the sheet. I then let him complete the sequence I created. We created 7 on this sheet thanks to Oriental Trading Company's Halloween stampers. Adrian is always excited to use stamps so this was really fun for him. I am thinking we'll need to up the challenge now. It's cake to him.

Stringing bats on a twig

Using some of our bats found at the Dollar Store last year. I thought it'd be fun to string them on a twig since bats sleep upside down, you know? Although the twig is small it did have some bumps on it since I plucked off leaves ahead of time so Adrian had to sometimes wiggle the bats around instead of just slide them on. On top of that, holding the twig and sliding on bats added a challenge, especially when he had to pick up another bat from the bowl. After one bat fell off the twig, he quickly learned how to hold the twig when reaching for another bat. Smart kid! :)

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