Friday, November 9, 2012

Halloween for Toddlers - Part 2

I always feel like Z and I don't do a  lot of activities. I guess we're too busy in the morning. There's playdates, gymnastics, sometimes a photo shoot...Oh well. When we have a "Slow" morning, we do activities. For Halloween, here's what we did...

Halloween Sensory Tub

Z had fun with the tub. She preferred using her hands to feel the black beans and yellow split peas than using the two small measuring spoons provided. She quite enjoyed filling and dumping beans into the Halloween pail. Also used in the tub were some plastic orange spiders, white plastic skulls, a cat figure and some purple twisted pipe cleaners representing worms. Idea for the tub borrowed from Counting Coconuts'.

Coloring a pumpkin

I printed ours from the free printables available on Kidssoup. I provided only an orange triangular crayon from Crayola. She loves coloring and arts in general.

Bowling mummies

I kept three empty "European" (shape is different) soda bottles just for this. We don't drink soda much so I didn't have any more than that on hand but that's ok. I didn't want to waste too much toilet paper on them anyway. After wrapping the bottles with toilet paper, I stuck on some goggly eyes. When the time came, I provided an orange basketball and showed Zahavah how to bowl. She had a blast and laughed a lot every time the mummies dropped to the floor. I saw this idea on MomTimesTwo.

Ghost footprint

Hmmm. Well that didn't go as planned. I never convinced baby to let me paint her foot. :(  I even painted mine and showed her what we'd do but she still decided not to do it. A sad moment indeed. Anyhow, this is a bigger version than what I had planned but it still shows what it'd look like if she'd done the activity. There's always next year! :)

Happy Halloween from Mizzzz Zzzzz the Black Cat

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