Thursday, November 8, 2012

Halloween for Toddlers

Halloween has now come and gone but I still decided to post my toddler's activities. I wish I had posted them sooner so you could do them along but overall, it was a busy week...

Sifting orange spiders from blue craft sand

Just like her big brother, Zahavah also sifted some orange spiders from the sand. She felt most proud when handed "mama's spoon" for the activity. I chose to use blue craft sand to offer a nice contrast to the orange spiders (found at Dollar Store). She did very well with the activity and like it much. I adapted this activity from Counting Coconuts'

Making a spider web

Z loves art...especially paint. So one night, I painted a dessert paper plate black (took two coats as it was a glossy one) in prevision for the next day. On activity day, I dropped two small dots of white paint on the plate, and asked Z to add a marble. I then showed Z how to move the plate gently around to get the marble to roll around. She loved it. She quickly learned how to control the marble on the plate so it would roll and not fall off. In the end, we had made a nice white spiderweb and we added one of our orange spiders on top to complete her art.

Stacking bugs

These are perfect for Halloween and made by Lamaze. They rarely get played with but they are really cool. They are magnetic and make it much easier for younger children to stack them (not that Z has any trouble stacking un-magnetized blocks). Z stacked all 6 of them and moved on... :)

Fill and dump

Using small ghost erasers (Dollar Store) and a pumpkin pail (also from the same store), Z filled and dumped the erasers. She loved it and it kept her very busy. She also made a request of repeating the activity everyday...

Halloween stampers

What child doesn't love stamps? Purchased through the Oriental Trading Company, they come in pre-inked purple, orange, green and black stampers. Part of the challenge was for Z to open and close the top. The stamping...well that was just fun. She enjoyed varying the pressure to see the result and as you can see, enjoyed dragging them too to see what would happen. 

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