Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halloween for Preschoolers - Part 3

Did you have a nice Halloween? Did you do any Halloween activities with the little ones? Over here, we had plenty to cover an entire week of fun...all the way to Halloween day.

Making spiders with play doh

Although the spider pictured above is quite cute, it was just an introduction to the activity...which consisted in using a die to see how many legs our spiders would have. We used a small Play Doh container (black colored) and some cut-up black pipe cleaners. Adrian then tossed the die and inserted the right amount of legs into the play doh balls he had made. While doing the activity, the spiders looked like below:

Roll a spider leg

Filling in letters

I've been trying to do more literacy activities with Adrian. We read a lot and he knows his letter sounds so I'm trying to encourage a bit more phonetic activities. I thought I'd come up with a little story where the first letter of 4 words (cat, bat, spider and ghost) were missing. But first, Adrian had to figure out where to put the missing letters. I read one paragraph and by hearing the color, he had to pick the right Halloween creature and put it next to the paragraph. After it was done, we went back to the first creature and he had to pick the first letter of it. I based my story on "Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?" by Eric Carle. One of the paragraphs read; " Orange spider, orange spider, what do you see? I see a purple cat looking at me." I, of course, removed the first letter of "spider" and "cat".  Next to this paragraph, Adrian put the spider. Later, he added "s" as well in the open spot. E-mail me if you want your own copy.

Halloween Sensory Tub

Well, the sensory tubs are not as much of a hit as they used to be. My little boy is growing up. Adrian still enjoyed scooping up the black beans and yellow split peas into the pumpkin pail but quickly lost interest. I asked him to count the white skulls, the orange spiders, the cat figures and the purple worms (cut up and twisted pipe cleaners) and then he was all done....

Spider web lacing

The ultimate Halloween decoration! Be sure to use a non-coated dessert paper plate if you do not have black dessert paper plates because this glossy one took two coats of paint and it still didn't adhere right. Anyhow, after turning the plate black, I punched holes here and there. Then Adrian's job was to lace from one side to the other to create a spiderweb design. It was completely counter-intuitive to him. He really wanted to lace the "Right way" as we normally do. :)

Halloween Candy Sorting

A dream come true for most kids. Adrian loved seeing this huge basket filled with candy. I asked him to help me sort so we could have them separated into little baggies for the trick-or-treaters. He did great and even counted each treat kind. I realized that he either really likes candy or need a bigger challenge with counting. He made it up to 29 with no mistakes...Go kiddo!

Magic Witch's Potion - Hunting for Ingredients

Yes! Yet another outdoor hunting activity. This one can be e-mailed to you if you'd like to have your own copy. I made it knowing we'd have these in our big yard. The background story was that Adrian could make a magic potion using these very ingredients to ensure a greater amount of candy collected while trick-or-treating! He took it quite seriously! :)

Happy Halloween from Adrian the Tree Frog


  1. I love the spider legs activity, I'll have to find some black food colouring so we can make some Halloween play dough. Thank you for sharing on Mom's Library, I'll be featuring you this week at Crystal's Tiny Treasures.

    1. Thank you for the feature Crystal! :) Glad you like our Halloween posts and for allowing us to share our ideas with your readers. We get our black food coloring from Ateaco now. McCormick used to sell it in big containers and separately from its food dye kits but we can't seem to find it anymore so we now buy the Ateaco gels. Comes in so many colors (including black, brown and in between colors). Have fun makind spiders! :)