Wednesday, September 12, 2012

On the Farm for Preschoolers

It's farm week here for  little Adrian and he sure is having a lot of fun with what I have prepared for him. Here is a sample of what we have done so far this week.

Science - Zoology - Animal Tracks

Science - Zoology - Making animal tracks in play-doh. It's as simple as it sounds and a lot of fun. Adrian repeated the activity several times and wanted to try it with his other jumbo animals as well. For this week, we used Learning Ressources' Jumbo Farm Animals. All their jumbo animals are great for little hands and they all get a lot of playtime in this house.

Art- Painting like a horse

At first, I asked Adrian to simply paint with a "horse tail" paintbrush. But as he never really knows what to paint and ends up simply painting the sheet just to spread the color, I let him see some pictures of horses painting to inspire him to paint like a horse (using his mouth). How fun this was. Now I wish I had used the easel for that but as it was nowhere near, the sheet was spread on the floor. To see some real horses in action, visit

Math & Fine Motor - Clip the right number of farm animals

Math & Fine Motor - Clip the right number of farm animals. A more traditional activity which still causes a bit of difficulty for my 4 year old. He can count just fine but making these clothespins open is a bit of a challenge at times. The counting cards were found in 2 teaching mommies' farm preschool pack at

Practical Life - Weaving merino wool

Practical Life - Weaving merino wool. I couldn't resist purchasing real sheep's wool to do this one. I wanted my son to feel the wool, smell it and all. That went wonderful. The tough part was the actual weaving. I used a cooling rack for cakes and cookies and it was very difficult for Adrian. He understood the concept (it was his first time weaving) and the wool stayed together in one lump very well but I think the rack was too small for a first time. It was frustrating for him and so I think next time we weave I'll try our clothes drying rack instead. Want to use real wool as well? I purchased ours for what I consider "cheap" on Ebay from a seller named "crystalcreekfibers" after searching for raw wool. In the end, I bought this merino wool for spinning. I liked that it had no matter in it. :)

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