Tuesday, September 4, 2012

All About Me for Preschoolers - Part 1

It's finally time for back to school and I must say my little Adrian was quite excited when I mentioned it. As he hasn't started in his "real school" yet, homeschooling his baby sister has been slightly delayed for now. 

This Week's Theme: All About Me

Math - Eye Color Graphing

-Eye Color Graphing was done using pictures of family members I showed him on the computer. The grid was printed from abc-teach.com. They have lots of of different grids for graphing and are free to print.

Physical Development / Outdoor Play - Variation of Twister

-Twister Game Variation. I personally called the colors for Adrian to touch with his hands and feet to make it more manageable. Painted Paper Plates could have been used but since we played outside, I chose to use Lakeshore Learning Materials' Balance & Flexibility Kit Domes which are quite sturdy. 

Art - Handprints & Footprints

-Handprints & Footprints. After setting out the washable tempera paint and foam paintbrush, I let Adrian paint his own hand and make a print and then let him do the same for his foot. He really liked it and suggested that we make more prints with other colors later this week...

Family Tree Pictures Preschool 
Science -History - Family Tree

-Adrian knows his grandparents but does not see them very often as we live abroad a lot. I thought it would be fun to include them in this activity but I also thought it might make Adrian understand that that although I am his mom, I also have a mom and a dad! :) I helped him through the tree for placement of the pictures.

I must say that I forgot to bring out my trays today so the materials were not organized the way they usually are but truth is...it'll only get better as the year goes by...well hopefully! :)

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