Tuesday, September 11, 2012

All About Me - Part 2

The All About Me theme finally came to an end on Friday. It's not that I did not like it but I enjoy being creative with my themes and I had a hard time developing this one for both Adrian and Zahavah. Here is a sample of a few more activities my preschooler did during the All About Me week.

Language & Literacy - Portraits of Family Members

Guess Who? - Adrian truly enjoyed this one and wanted to repeat the activity several times. I basically spread the four pictures in front of him and told him I was thinking of someone who was pictured there. I then told him things like, "this person is sitting", "this person has short hair", "this person has green eyes", and so on until he was down to only one picture (he'd turn face down the people that obviously didn't fit my description) or had guessed. I made sure, while choosing the pictures, that I had two people standing, two wearing white shirts, and so on to make it more challenging.

Fine Motor Art - Dot to dot a matchstick boy

Fine Motor Art - Gluing beans on top of a dot to dot drawing

Dot to Dot Beany Boy - As you can see, my son still has trouble with his pencil grip so fine motor activities are encouraged everyday. I first drew a dot to dot matchstick boy for him and then had him draw lines on top to connect the dots. He tried hard but didn't really "connect" the dots. After that, I had him put a line of liquid glue on the lines he drew (a bit at a time so it wouldn't dry before the beans were glued in). Finally, he had to pick with his fingers the red beans and put them in the glue. He enjoyed the activity but didn't like having his fingers full of glue. :)

Physical Development - Body die

Body die - The biggest hit this week. It looks terrible but both A & Z loved it. Adrian actually requested the die EVERYDAY! I took a 4 x 4 x 4 box and stuck (rather quickly I must admit), various body parts on it (one per face). Adrian would then throw the die and do an action involving the body part he rolled. For example; he'd clap his hands, stamp his feet, rub his tummy, comb his hair, jump, etc. I would tell him as a prompt; "with my feet, I can..." and he'd finish the sentence and do the action (e.g. "With my feet, I can kick") Z used the cube too but when it'd land on a body part, she had to show me the body part pictured only. Her fun was more into the throwing than the pointing...

Language & literacy - Body Parts Bingo

Body Parts Bingo - A well loved activity too. It was a bit tough for Adrian to figure out some of the pictures though but with help, he managed (prints yours for free via www.bogglesworldesl.com). His favorite thing was actually the goggly eyes used for chips. You may want to introduce the goggly eyes before if you plan on using them as well!

Math - Sorting goggly eyes

Sorting Eyes - An adored activity. Seeing how A loved the eyes during the bingo games, I thought I'd make a math activity out of it. As such I presented him a bunch of goggly eyes to first sort by color (my bag had six colors). Later, he sorted them by size (this bag contained about 8 sizes).  He did it over and over and over again. 

Language and Literacy - Body Part Recognition

Adrian has known his body parts for the longest time but I thought it would be nice to revise them in a fun way and to "add" a few to his vocabulary. To do this, I gathered some stickers and would ask him to put a sticker on the body part I called. At first, it was easy and then, I progressed with parts that are not mentioned as often such as "wrist", "calf", "ankle", and such. Adrian thought it was such fun that he asked for more parts to be called until the stickers stuck no more. 

Not pictured but also well loved this week was the mega bloks tower Adrian was requested to build. The challenge was to build it as tall as he is. He did it proudly but not without having it tumble a couple of times...which made him laugh hysterically.

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