Friday, September 14, 2012

On The Farm for Preschoolers - Part 2

There are so many activities that can be done with a theme like "On the Farm". I tried to stay away from worksheets as much as possible this week because my son, like many kids his age, prefers to handle things. You'll find here yet another sample of what happened this week in our homechool-preschool.

Outdoor Play/ Physical Development - Hide and Seek the Farm Animals

By far the favorite activity this week. One that has been requested EVERYDAY. I brought out the tub of Learning Ressources' Jumbo Farm Animals and hid them all around the yard. I then asked Adrian to find the animals and bring them one by one, back to the tub. We did it three times the first day and each time, I made it more difficult for him to find the animals. For example, the white goose sat on the white mailbox so it blended in, the goat "climbed" one of the trees (still at eye level), rooster sat in the taller grass, etc.

Math - Roll the die and spots to that cow

I thought this was the cutest activity but Adrian didn't care about it much. He completed it and moved on basically. He had to roll the die, count the number of dots and add the number of black mini pompoms accordingly until all pompoms were used. (Free Cow printable, courtesy of 's Farm Preschool Pack.)

Math & Science-Zoology - Mothers and babies puzzle

One of the many puzzles we have with a farm theme included. We practiced the names of the babies as we completed the puzzles too. This puzzle is made by Educa but has now a more recent version I believe. In case you prefer mothers and babies cards, Counting Coconuts has some for you! If you haven't checked out that blog yet, please do. It's my FAVORITE.

Math & Science-Botany- Graphing seeds

I saw this idea on Counting Coconuts' blog and thought it was a great one. provides many free printable grids for personal use so I printed mine there, accumulated a variety of seeds and let  Adrian sort the seeds and graph with them. It required quite a bit of dexterity when it came to the apple seeds and fitting some of the seeds in their boxes but he did it and was very proud of himself.

Art - 3D Handprint Sheep

I love crafting and so, I looked up several crafts with a Farm theme for this week and found this one on It was irresistibly cute. I let Adrian paint his hand black, he then pressed it on the construction paper. While the paint dried, he washed his hands and then came back to glue on some cotton balls, a little bow and a goggly eye. He told me his sheep was called Timmy as in the Timmy Time series so I wrote that down for him. Overall, he liked his sheep but working with cotton balls seemed to be the best part about the craft.

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