Friday, September 28, 2012

Apple Week for Preschoolers

While we are still trying to find an apple orchard to go apple picking, the wait is over for apple themed activities for preschooler Adrian...and for the first apple pie of the season! :)

Apple Sensory Tub

Although sensory tubs are always a fun activity for Adrian, I don't prepare as many as I could/should. I always remember them as long to prepare and long to put away but this one was quite easy and fast to assemble (read-no beans to separate once it's finished). I saw a similar tub to this one on GreenPinkMama and thought it looked so pretty that I made one inspired by it (although mine is not nearly as pretty and sensorial as hers). Green split peas were used, red mini pompoms, styrofoam apples, a few measuring spoons and the tree and scarecrow were found at Target last year. Adrian loved counting the pompoms, filling and dumping the peas, seeing how many could fit the smallest spoon and even tried putting some "apples" in the apple tree.

Art - Making a play doh apple pie

I first saw this activity on Counting Coconuts and decided to go ahead and give it a try with Adrian. We used our little styrofoam apples from Michael's, white play doh (wish I had the time to make my own scented dough!), a play doh rolling pin and knife as well as a small foil plate.

Finished apple pie
Overall, Adrian loved making his pie. Rolling the dough far enough so it would cover the plate was a bit of a challenge but he did it.

Math and fine motor - Apple Garland and Sequencing

Most of my homemade felted items are "pretty on one side" and "numbered" on the other. These little felted red apples were no exception so I asked Adrian to sequence them from 1-10  and to then put each one, in order, on the clothesline, aka ribbon, with a clothespin. That last part was a bit challenging as our ribbon was not very sturdy and it also got heavier every time an apple was added.

Lacing the worm in the apple

A fine motor activity that was put out this week was this lacing activity which I called " there's a worm in my apple".  I made an apple our of a cardboard box, colored it and punched holes here and there. Adrian then laced it with a green pipe cleaner.

Roll a an apple

2TeachingMommies offers a variety of free printables and I was happy to find this very neat tree for yet another roll the die activity (one of Adrian's favorite). You can either color the apples or, add pompoms after a roll of your  die. You can count them in and out as well! :)

Math - Apple Seed Counting Book

Featured on My Montessori Journey was this great idea of the apple seed counting booklet. I thus made one for Adrian who gave it a warm reception. His drawing of the seed was more or less a black dot but if we repeat this next year, I think he'll take more time to shape it.  Our little apple shape for the booklet comes from benscoloringpages.

Art - Apple Paper Plate

This little project was enjoyed by Adrian but a bit too long. A dessert paper plate should have been used instead. It took him a while to tear the red construction sheets (I pre-cut strips for him to tear) and it surprisingly was difficult too. Gluing took him a while as well and I am going to start using liquid glue and paintbrush from now on I think. The glue stick seemed a bit lengthy for such a big project and without the right pressure/amount, the pieces would sometimes not stay in place. I credit this apple paper plate idea to My Montessori Journey's Blog. Although the blog is now "closed", it's a wonderful resource for ideas.

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