Friday, September 21, 2012

On the Farm for Preschoolers - Part 3

Well what do you know? Yet another post about our Farm Theme! As I mentioned before, there are so MANY activities that can be done with this topic. I am posting this one a bit late since we wrapped up our Farm Week last Friday but better late than ever, right?

Math - Chicken Grid Game

I had seen this activity on Counting Coconuts's blog and decided to "serve it up" to Adrian. He quite enjoyed it. He rolled the die to see how many chicken would eat "that day" and then proceeded to feed them corn kernels. He did that until no chicken was left hungry. It took "7 days" for all the chickens to be fed (which means he rolled the die 7 times). The chicken grid can be printed directly from PreKinders. You'll find many more grids too and they are just as cute.

Practical Life - Pouring Milk

A very quick activity but nonetheless liked by Adrian. A small creamer and coffee cup were used to pour the milk. And after the pouring I of course had an expected request; "Can I drink the milk now?"

Fine Motor Skills - Horsy Needs Legs

Another quick activity but one that helps develop fine motor skills. As clothespins are still a bit difficult for Adrian, I brought this horse out so legs could be pinned on. He thought it was just the funniest thing and loved that the horse stood thanks to his work. I printed the horse from Best Coloring Pages and cut off his legs myself. The idea was borrowed from Just Montessori.

Science-Zoology - Parts of a Horse

Homemade parts of the horse booklet. Features the mane, tail, neck, torso, head, legs (hind and fore). Horse picture was printed from Online Coloring Books. Adrian had to color only the body part required (one per page).

Science - Animals and their "Products"

I thought it would be nice for Adrian to see why some animals are kept on the farm and what their contributions are so I selected the sheep, chicken, pig, cow and goose and put a wool cap, an egg, a slice of deli ham, a cup of milk and a goose-feathered pillow on the table. I then asked Adrian to match animals and products together. They were all easy to match for him except for the wool cap and goose-filled pillow. I'm guessing that the transformation into a pillow and cap made it harder than if I just put the merino wool we used earlier and some fluffy feathers. 

Fine Motor Skills - Tweezing Grass and Clover

I chose three animals that are usually enjoying grass eating in the fields and picked up some grass and clover from our yard. I then put the mix in a small container and provided tweezers. Adrian's job was to tweeze some "food" for each animal with the tweezer. The clover was just hard enough to pick but the grass was simply too difficult to pick towards the end as there wasn't enough left.

Art - Pig Paper Plate

How fun this craft was. I intended to use a dessert AND a lunch paper plate but somehow couldn't find our big plates so I ended up cutting up a big construction paper circle. I precut all the shapes for Adrian. Scissors still give him a VERY touch time but he helped make the pink paint, painted the paper plate, stuck on the goggly eyes, snout, paws, and ears. He also helped punch the hole for the tail and twisted the pipe cleaner around his finger to make it curl. Please note that I had to use a pink marker for the pipe cleaner. I did not find any stores with the pink ones here but I know they are out there if you decide to go ahead and make this craft. I must thank Busy Bee Kids Crafts for the idea.

This concludes my posts on Farm activities for preschoolers. Activities for toddlers should be posted when Zahavah jumps on board with that thematic.

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