Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Thanksgiving for Preschoolers - Part 3

Last Thanksgiving post...for the year at least! :) Or shall I say for Preschoolers? I should probably make at least one post regarding what little Z. did in Tot school for Thanksgiving... Anyhow, here are a few more activities Adrian did this Thanksgiving season.

Making a Pilgrim Hat with Beans

This is  long activity but look how beautiful it is! I strongly recommend doing the buckle of the hat first and then the rest. We did the buckle with yellow split peas and the rest with black beans. Using a brush and liquid glue, it went well for gluing. Then, Adrian spread a handful of beans at a time. Staying within the lines was the biggest challenge. Get your own template from LearnCreateLove.

Make your Own Cornucopia

This is a small cornucopia I found at Michael's. I have a big one for the family but figured Adrian could fill his own. He quite enjoyed it and loved picking his dessert from his own cornucopia.

Catch that Turkey Game

I originally saw this on Mrs. Lee's Kinder Kids, and just had to make it for Adrian. You can find the sheet on her class's blog but you'll have to make your own letter cards. I simply found a cute turkey clipart for mine, printed just enough of them, wrote the letters we needed, put a paperclip on each, provided a magnetic wand (from one of our puzzles) and set it out for Adrian with a brown dot marker. The goal is to "catch" the turkey. Adrian had to catch all the letters shown on the turkey in order to catch the turkey so with his wand, he had to catch ALL the letters and dot them as he went along. Sometimes, letters appeared more than once. Sometimes, letters were capital, sometimes not but those were considered different! It was a long game but he loved it and...caught the turkey.

Game in Progress

Napkin Folding and Inserting Napkins into their Rings

In preparation for the Thanksgiving dinner, we practiced folding cloth napkins and putting them into napkin rings. It is definitely not as easy as it seems. The less folds the better. A. was not particularly enamored with the folding. He thought it was too hard even as I was folding along. But he really liked putting the rings on.

Thanksgiving Patterning with Stampers

Stock on these at Oriental Trading Company. They have them under different themes and they always come in packages of like 4 so your kids can make presents to friends too yet they are still affordable. We did our usual patterning activities with them where Adrian has to complete What Comes Next? with the stampers.

Learning how to Set the Table - With Max & Ruby

Not a big hit. In fact, not a hit at all. Adrian didn't want to do this activity. I guess he knows how to set the table and so he didn't feel like this was a fun school activity at all. If you do wish to do it with your child (a younger one may appreciate the true value of this exercise), I found this practice place setting placemat on Nick Jr.'s Website.

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