Monday, December 3, 2012

Thanksgiving for Preschoolers - Part 2

Yeah, I know. It is December and I'm still posting about Thanksgiving. Eeek! I am way behind but to be honest, I had not expected to encounter any problems with picture posting! I am so glad it is behind me now (I literally obsessed over the problem!). Anyhow, here are some more Thanksgiving activities I put together for Adrian, 4.5 years old. I know it is "a bit" late for you guys to put them in action but there is always next year and besides, these are just way too cute not to be shared... :)

Handprint Thanksgiving Turkey - Make sure yours is spelled right! :)

Adrian is not a huge fan of the arts. Somehow, he doesn't mind when it involves paints though. For this, I used various earthy washable non-toxic colors. They can either be painted on your child's hand or you can paint them on yourself. In Adrian's case, I painted them on his hand, let him press it down firmly and on once it was dry, he drew on the legs with a marker, chose a goggly eye, glued it on and I finalized with the misspelled greeting! :) Gotta hand it to the mama to ruin the art project of her young one! :) The handprint turkey project was previously featured on Kaboose which is where I first saw this idea.

Turkey Feather Plucking

I thought this would be totally fun but I guess I needed more feathers or maybe the feathers needed to be contained or maybe it needed to be more like a race or festive or something? Adrian took this very seriously and tried his best to pluck only 1 feather at a time. I was simply asking him to pluck feathers knowing it is difficult to pluck feathers with tweezers. It became frustrating at one point for him. I showed him how to do it sideways since he insisted on picking one feather at a time and couldn't always pick it by the stem. Anyhow, next time, the timer will come in, a tiny bin, AND a load of feathers! LOL Idea...graciously taken from Mrs.Lee's Kinder Kids.

Make your Own Popcorn, Craft some and then Eat some

Ah...Fresh popcorn. There is nothing like the smell or taste of real, fresh, warm popcorn. With Adrian's help, I decided to pop some real popcorn in a pan with some canola oil. I let A. pour the oil and the corn and then we waited and listened. He didn't really care for the taste of popcorn but that's ok. We made it to taste it yes, but it was also for our craft. Adrian was actually quite concerned it wouldn't stick in our craft but it did. For our Indian Corn craft, we used liquid glue and pressed a bit and let dry and it worked. I pre-cut a template of green construction paper prior to school time.

Writing Practice

Confessions of a Homeschooler has a great Free package about Thanksgiving. I didn't use much of it but Adrian really need more writing practice so I printed out this sheet for him. The graphics were very cute.

Homemade Turkey Buttoning Practice

Buttoning practice idea found on Counting Coconuts. I'm not going to lie...My son is still having issues with getting dressed and buttoning this turkey's feather on was actually tough for him. I deliberately made the holes big but it still was difficult. I guess we'll have to do more of that, eh? 

A piece of Pumpkin Pie anyone?

I know this is not the prettiest pie to look at but I am a bit short on time during the holiday season (are we all not?) and so although I initially planned on making this pie out of felt and all fluffy and cute, it ended up being cut-up pieces of constructions pieces. It sadly was as boring as it looks but it still worked as a math activity. We successfully added and subtracted and counted. Prompts can be such as: Mama ate one piece, Adrian had one too. How many pieces are left? Daddy arrives. He wants pie too. He has one piece and then wants another. How many pieces did daddy have? How many pieces were eaten? How many are left? Etc.

Not picture but very fun? Your very own Turkey Trot!

Many cities organize their own annual turkey trot on Thanksgiving Day. Why not hold your own for your little ones? This way, there is no pressure if the weather is not clement! :) Just keep it short and fun. A small prize won't hurt either! :)

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