Sunday, December 9, 2012

Countdown to Christmas - How to Spread the Cheer

Christmas is once again on its way (yay) and I cannot help but smile. I've always loved Christmas. I've always looked forward to Christmas and always felt melancholic when it was over. A big part of me thinks that my Christmas appreciation is anchored somewhere in my childhood. I remember some specific smells that would come around the holidays, some special movies, jingly songs, sparkly decorations, cheerful family gatherings, and so on. My parents -whether they knew it or not- were spreading through the holiday season, some Christmas cheer that made me fall in love with Christmas and everything surrounding it. I want my children to feel this same excitement when it comes to the holidays so this year, I've compiled a list of activities that should build the anticipation and the Christmas spirit.

Adrian's way of spreading Christmas cheer back in 2008

Countdown to Christmas - How to Spread the Cheer

1. Open the first door of your advent calendar
2. Start the Elf on the Shelf tradition
3. Visit a Christmas tree farm and "adopt" a tree
4. Deck the Halls with all the family members
5. Send a letter to Santa; an old fashioned one that requires a stamp!
6. Make your own Christmas ornament
7. Play some Christmas music
8. Watch Christmas movies (The Polar Express anyone?)
9. Watch Santa's parade / Visit a Christmas market
10. Go see Santa...just in case he didn't get the memo! ;)
11. Drop some coins into a Salvation Army bucket and the spread the cheer even further
12. Go caroling...even if it's door to door in your own house
13. Read some Christmas books (more on that later)
14.Kiss under the Mistletoe (the perfect excuse to steal a kiss from your little one!)
15. Go ice skating (outdoors or indoors!)
16. Take a walk at night to see the Christmas lights of the neighborhood
17. Make a gingerbread house and gingerbread people
18. Make a dish/drink infused with cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg to perfume the house
19. Go sledding (weee!)
20. Bake some Christmas cookies only children are allowed to decorate
21. Drink eggnog (bonus point if you make your own with the kids)
22. Encourage the kids to Wish "Merry Christmas" to a neighbor they know
23. See snippets of the "Nutcracker" ballet / play (Thank you YouTube and school plays!)
24. Track Santa thanks to NORAD; leave cookies and milk for him
25. Open a present...or two and say "thank you"!

How do you spread the cheer? 

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