Thursday, October 11, 2012

Shapes Week for Toddlers

Zahavah makes me laugh. She is, what I call, "a girly girl". When trying to teach her shapes this week, I was not surprised to see she already knew "heart" and "star" but not "square" and "circle"! We worked hard though and she started adding more shapes to her vocabulary. Here are a few things that happened last week in Tot School.

Making circles in play doh

By far the favorite activity this week. I helped Z flatten out some play doh and brought a cup stacking toy for her to make imprints with. She quickly got to work and started saying " Circle" every time she made one. She requested this activity again later that week.

Beautiful circles in the play doh

Making a "circle" bracelet

Oh the things you can do with Cheerios! We had some fruity ones on hand (first time I buy the fruity kind and it was well much sugar though!) so I put some in a small bowl and showed Zahavah how to put the "circles" on a pipe cleaner. When she got tired of threading them, I closed the pipe cleaner and put in on her arm. She quite liked it but eventually took it off and proceeded to eat it! :)

Eating the product of her hard work

Pink Tower

Well...I'm sure you're not used to seeing it built like that but she still was very proud of her job! :) She self-corrected a few times to make it work and that is as good ad it got. I'll bring it out again later and see how she does. We purchased ours from the Montessori Outlet.

Shape pegboard

It's a hit. Z loved placing the shapes in the holes and didn't even get frustrated when some would shift while she was putting another one down. I called the shapes as she put them in the pegboard. Toy is from Learning Resources.

Ah...couldn't resist stacking the shapes!

Placing "circles" on the pegboard

From Alex, a nice button toy. For the sake of this week, the buttons were called "buttons" but referred to as "buttons shaped like a circle". 

I'll be posting more activities in regard to shapes and toddlers very soon so stand by...

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