Tuesday, October 2, 2012

By the Seashore for Toddlers - Part 2

By the Seashore has been a tremendous success with "baby" Zahavah. She goes in short spurts though and is VERY picky when it comes to choosing an activity. Some don't get her attention as much and that's ok. She may be almost 2 but I'm still getting to know her likings! :) We usually do only 3-4 different "school activities" each day and leave the rest to self-interest play and outdoor fun.

Stacking sand "biscuits"

Mmm. While I loved this idea, she didn't so much. :( She did stack the sand dollars though.

Fishing magnetic fish...or taking a break from it

This little fishing game took a while to make and I thought it would be a big hit but it wasn't so much. I showed her how to use it and she was actually pretty good at it but didn't really like the activity overall. Oh well!  Maybe another day it will be the favorite! :) In the meantime, if you wish to make your own felt fishes, here is what I used: brightly colored felt, sequins for the scales, thread, goggly eyes, a metal washer and polyester stuffing. To complete the game, use a magnetic wand from a magnetic puzzle if you have one. I cannot remember where I found the pattern but drawing a fish is pretty basic anyway. The idea for the game came from Counting Coconuts by the way.

Caught a fish!

It's biting!

Sifting sea glass from sand

Zahavah loves playing the sand so it was no surprise to see her enjoying this activity, done at home in our small sandbox. I must admit the sea glass pieces we have are so small that they took a while to find (even in this small box) but Z's face when she'd find a "gem" was of such pride that  it was still worth hunting them down (although I did give up on finding the last piece for now...). ;)

Collecting seashells "on the beach"

Until we head to the beach for real, the gigantic sandbox located in our local playground served as a pretend one. I scattered 10 big seashells on the surface, gave baby a pail and let her do the picking. We repeated over and over again. Her big brother even joined in.

Sorting seashell pasta by color

Another " bah" activity. She sorted all three colors into the little ramekins but didn't seem to particularly enjoy it. It gave her fingers a good fine motor workout though; not just her math skills were involved.

Sand Combs

An artistic take on playground time. I made these four differently "Teethed" cardboard combs and showed her how they made different "tracks" in the sand. After that, she just had to try it by herself. I stumbled upon this idea on storiesandchildren. Hers were made of plastic lids though but as I did not have any of these lids, I went with box cardboard. It just made the teeth a bit more flimsy at the end (the sand was slightly wet) but once dried, they were as good as new.

Coloring a Crab

As silly as it may be, it was Zahavah's first time coloring with crayons. I always used an aqua doodle before so I wasn't sure how it would go. She did great and loved it. I bought the Crayola Triangular Crayons which are supposed to her develop the right grip (although it never helped Adrian, one can always hope for this little one). I taped the sheet to the floor to avoid frustrating paper movements and tears as well. You can print your own Kawaii crab at HelloKids

Last but not pictured was a fun game of beach ball. We threw the ball, practiced catching the ball, kicked it and even rolled on it. It was a blast.


  1. Aaaaaaand, three posts in, I love your blog! I am really starting to get into Montessori stuff and have been looking for ways to incorporate it into my toddlers life. So now I'll be hanging around your blog and mooching your ideas! Woot!

    1. Haha! Fine by me! That's why I blog. I figured I might as well share my ideas since I spend so much time brainstorming! :) I don't have much for little Zahavah yet but there'll be more soon. She'll be 2.5 this summer and that's when children enter Montessori Houses so I'll be starting her "for real". Better watch out! :)