Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Adrian's Subjects

Adrian during an art session last year.

My little Adrian has been looking quite bored lately. When I asked him if he missed school, he told me he did (I miss it too frankly). Thankfully, we should be getting started in about a month. With that in mind, I scribbled down which subjects he should be taking this year and they are as follow:

Adrian's Subjects

Arts & Crafts
Music & Movement
Language and Literacy
Math and Science Readiness
Computer Instruction
Outdoor Play and Physical Development
Dramatic Play
Catechism (Sunday School)
French as a Second Language
Social Time & Field Trips
Self-Care & "Family Service"

Within each subject, an emphasis will be put on both fine and gross motor skills. After assessing Adrian's, I found out that his were not as developed as they could be, so I'll pay special attention to these much needed skills. If you would like to assess your own child for a potential developmental delay, ask your pediatrician for an Ages and Stages Questionnaire (Squires & Bricker). Many practices use them as a screening tool. (In case yours doesn't, you can also google for it and might just find the one you need.)

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