Monday, July 30, 2012

Zahavah's Subjects

The reminder of the upcoming school year came in the form of tiny pinecones and an empty snail shell this year. 
These were gathered by my nature loving son while on a walk today.

While walking with the kids today, I was reminded that the school year is already around the corner and as a former teacher, I know that planning ahead is the key to a successful school year. As such, I sat down and started by jotting down which "subjects" Zahavah will be taking for the upcoming year. They are as follow:

Zahavah's 2012-2013 Subjects

Arts & Crafts
Music & Movement
Language & Literacy
Early Math and Science Readiness
Outdoor Play & Physical Development
Dramatic Play
Early Catechism
French as a Second Language
Self-Care & "Family Service"
Social Time & Field Trips

This may seem like a lot, but I am really aiming for a comprehensive curriculum to raise a well-rounded child. Of course, not every subject will be studied on a daily basis either as my time "teaching" Zahavah will be "limited" to mornings.

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