Thursday, August 2, 2012

Zahavah's Thematics

Zahavah loves reading about zoo animals and as such the theme "At The Zoo" 
was added to her thematics for this school year.

I hesitated before picking out themes for Zahavah's school year. After all, a toddler does not quite register that there is a theme going on through the day/week I thought. Still, having thematics can help establish a curriculum filled with activities and as such, I decided to use themes this year. My choices were based on basic concepts such as letters and numbers, the seasons and their holidays as well as themes I knew she'd enjoy.

Zahavah's Themes for School Year 2012-2013

Body Parts & By the Seashore

Shapes & Halloween

Colors & Thanksgiving

Pets & Christmas

Clothing & At the Zoo

In the Kitchen & Valentine's Day

Vehicles & Easter

On the farm & Springtime

Alphabet & Bugs

Numbers & Summertime

Independence Day & Picnics & Camping

As you can see, I've chosen only two themes per month...which means Zahavah and I will be exploring   each theme for approximately two weeks. At this point, I do believe it will be enough. Zahavah is still young and needs a lot of unstructured play as well, but I am willing to adjust, shall we fall short of concepts to explore.


  1. What did you do for Body Parts? What you did in It's All About Me - Toddlers was great but your daughter was a year older so I am curious what activities you used when she was younger. Many thanks.

    1. I guess I never got around to posting about it. I looked in my archive and didn't see it. From memory, we did do stickers on body parts but only on basic body parts. We also had a cube with pictures of body parts. My daughter would roll it and and if she got "leg" for example, she'd show me her legs. We also read books showing real babies and I'd ask her to point different parts. I kept it simple as she was still learning parts in general.