Wednesday, February 13, 2013

In the Kitchen for Preschoolers - Part 3

Our "kitchen" theme is now coming to its end. What a broad topic this was! We never even got to talk about nutrition! Fear year is not over and I shall be back! LOL

tasting bottles
Tasting Bottles

Raise your hand if you remember doing some tasting bottles at some point in your life! How did you like it? Well, Adrian loves seeing these little bottles. He loves science and associates these droppers and small bottles with experiments. Of course, after tasting the first bottle, he wasn't so sure he liked the bottles anymore but he stuck with the activity. I was almost surprised but very proud. 

Here's what each bottle contained:
2 x sugar water (sweet)
2 x salt water (salty)
2 x lemon juice (sour)
2 x almond extract (bitter)

Matching the bottles wasn't fun for him since he had to taste everything "over again" but he still pushed through it. He really liked the sweet and really disliked the bitter. If you do not have almond extract, unsweetened cocoa or coffee can be used in place of almond extract.

pasta necklace
Lacing Pasta / Making a Pasta Necklace

Although you could dye your pasta for this, I chose to go with natural pasta (penne) for this activity. I put a dozen one along with a pipe cleaner. Adrian then laced them all. It's one of the only time he lets pasta get this close to his mouth! haha 

measuring pouring liquids
Measuring/Pouring Wet Ingredients / Preparing a Snack

Adrian's regular cup. A measuring cup. About a cup of orange juice in an orange juice container. Adrian's mission: Measure half a cup from the container in the measuring cup, then pour it in the snack cup. Enjoy! :)

straw blowing art
Straw blowing Art

Straws belong in the kitchen so I thought it'd be a good time to bring out thinned out paint and straws for a "blow out"! I did that as a kid in Kindergarten with ink and I still remember it. I had absolutely loved it. Adrian didn't quite care for it. In fact, he doesn't quite care for the arts period. Well, not true. I take that back. He does enjoy looking at it; not making it. Anyhow, I thinned out the paint the consistency of fat-free milk,  put a drop on the paper, he'd put his straw in the puddle and blow. He didn't quite find it exciting...*sigh* :)

matching front back boxes
Matching front and back of boxes

This is a bit elementary. Adrian had no trouble whatsoever matching the front to the back of the boxes I had cut up. I believe there was a dozen on the tray. Of course, he knew most of them (yes...he is the one eating the "FiberOne" cereal, "Wheaties" and "Kashi 7Grain" crackers) so that may be why it was easy peasy. It was still fun though and different. Novel is always pleasant.

This concludes our "In the Kitchen" Unit. I feel like lots of possible activities were left out but isn't that always the case? For example, I had planned on doing smelling bottles but had to back out at the last minute for a lack of matching bottles to present the activity. That being said, I am now collecting spice bottles (did I really throw them all away when we moved last year?) and planning on introducing the smelling jars at a later time...:)

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