Monday, January 28, 2013

Winter Week for Preschoolers - Part 1

Adrian loves school. Adrian looks forward to Mondays because he knows a new theme awaits him in what he affectionately calls "school with mama". This week was different. Adrian was not "done" with Outer Space and wanted to go on. He had no interest whatsoever in changing topics. A part of me felt happy because one of my goals had been reached: I had finally intrigued him into a new passion that did not revolve around trains! Yet I felt a bit sad. I had prepared interesting activities and so wished he would at least take a look at the trays I had put out. He eventually did when he saw me having fun hanging mittens on the clothesline and pretending to drop them...I still followed his lead and all week, he insisted on working more a bit on outer space before doing some winter related work...

Uppercase & lowercase matching of alphabet letters

Adrian has known his alphabet since before he was 2 (thank you Leapfrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Alphabet). He's also mastered the sound of the letters since he was 3 but I don't think I ever verified whether he knew his lower and uppercase letters. I guess I always assumed he knew. After seeing these cute snowmen cards featured on Pre-K + K Sharing, I thought I'd confirm my guess... Print your own set of cards at The Kids Place Home Daycare and Preschool

Arctic animals and ice floes 

My Montessori Journey had a similar activity featured on their blog and I thought it looked so fun! Unfortunately, I didn't have time to get my hands on an Arctic toob so I just used the Arctic animals we had at home from Fisher-Price. Bad idea! They had little holes at the bottom and water went in and won't come out now. Live and learn I guess. Prior to the activity I froze some ice in plastic cups and bowl to make ice floes for the animals but it melted really quickly. My son still had fun playing in the water while I explained a few things about arctic animals, ice floes, global warming, and such.

How many fish did the penguins eat?

A counting activity involving little penguins cards and "Goldfish" crackers. Each penguin had a number representing how many fish he had eaten and Adrian had to count them and put them in the penguin's belly. He had just enough in the bowl to fill the bellies. Penguin cards printed thanks to CatClipart.

Clothespins, clothesline and mittens

This activity was actually a lot harder than I thought it would be for Adrian. I thought he had mastered clothespins but it seems his fingers have lost some strength lately. He was having trouble again the day we did this activity. Making the clothespins open was tough, holding them open enough added another degree of difficulty and then holding them the right way was another story entirely. It was challenging. Add to that the fact that he had to pin a mitten TO a line. Boy! It was rough but he did it and was very proud. I made a makeshift clothesline with a string of wool at his height.

Tweezing "snowballs"

White pompoms & white cottonballs can easily pass as snowballs. I was intending on using white glitter pompoms but our storage room has been a mess ever since the holidays and finding school materials has been made near impossible. So I grabbed the first pompoms I saw and felt happy I at least managed to find something worthy of looking like a snowball! :) Add a pair of tweezers, two small bowls and tweeze it all!

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