Thursday, January 17, 2013

Robots Week for Preschoolers - Part 2

Robots Week really had me all fired up with inspiration. It was a fun week for my son and it was fun for me to prepare as well.  Here is the last post on the topic...

Robot Creation - Wrapping, Gluing and More

What can you do with an upside down empty individual applesauce container and a small Del Monte pull-top vegetable can? This beautiful robot of course! You'll also need foil, pipe cleaners, goggly eyes, glue and gems of your choice for buttons. The best part of course is the wrapping. Foil is so easy to maneuver for small hands wanting to wrap. It was both easy and fun to do for Adrian.

Circuit Board - A "3D dot-to-dot" with elastics and screws!

I always try to come up with different ideas for Adrian's school so he won't get bored. I thought this would be perfect with the robot theme since robots have circuits. Of course, we're not gonna start welding this year so to make connections, we use elastics! :) I used a styrofoam piece, wrote down letters and numbers, inserted screws and told Adrian it was like dot to dot but with elastics! He LOVED it and did it several times in a row. Using elastics is also good for fine motor developement!

Funneling robot parts -which funnel will let the robot parts through?

Another big hit this week was this simple funneling activity. We used three different sizes of funnels (from the dollar store) and three different containers filled with "robot parts" (washers, nuts and plastic anchors). Adrian had to try and see which funnel went with which part. You see, prior to presenting this activity, I made sure the washers would go down only one funnel for example. He had to find out which. Then he was handed the nuts and had to see which funnel would fit them and so on. He did the work several times, enjoying seeing the items go down the tube.

Name that Robot - Calling all Letters - A phonetic activity

After Adrian mentioned the nuts & bolts looked like robots, I just had to do a follow up activity. :) I just thought we could name them! Using our Leapfrog magnetic letters, I called out phonetically the letters composing the name of each. I had told Adrian that each robot would have a three letter name and here they are are!

Magnetic versus non-magnetic robot parts

What better week than this week to break out a magnetism activity? It's always well loved. I put out a few items that could pertain to robots and Adrian tested them each with his wand separating the magnetic ones from the non-magnetic ones. He then proceeded to find more magnetic items throughout the house...

Robot Oil - Filling a small container with an eyedropper

Adrian still likes transfer activities but they are getting quite easy for him. I mean, he is 4.5 years old. So, I thought I'd put out this one with small contact lens cases and eyedroppers and their bottles. I introduced them as robot oil. I explained we had to find out which color the oil was by dropping a few droplets into each compartment so each robot could be given the right oil. He loved the idea. His execution was perfect.

Preparing to rub the oil on the robots with a cotton pad - Fill & "empty"

After finishing the filling, we transferred again using a syringe. This was tougher. The syringe had to be filled and then the "oil" had to be dropped on the pad that would be "rubbed on the robot parts needing care". 

Reading and Matching Shapes & Paperclipping activity

Homeschool Creations's free package contains quite a few cute files. This was one of them. I cut the shape name cards and cut the robot cards as well and then came the work. First, Adrian had to "read" the shape cards. He can't quite read yet but by reading the first letter phonetically, he was able to read the shape name and thus match each shape card with the right robot. Then, he paperclipped them all. It was his first time paperclipping and I am not sure if it was because of the type of paperclips but it was difficult for him. I thought these oversized plastic ones would work great for a first time but maybe I was wrong. I might have to give a try to the good old metal ones! :)

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  1. What great activities! I hope you will join us Wednesday for Mom's Library Link-up!

    1. Thank you Ashley! I am glad you enjoyed them. I'll definitely consider joining your link up. Thank you for the invite. Sorting Sprinkles is quite new to the world of Linkys and I've been a bit "shy" about "publicity" I guess! :) I'll hop to your blog soon!

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    1. Thank you so much Deb! I didn't get a chance to hop on Facebook much this week but thank you for sharing my link. It is much appreciated. I love how Living Montessori Now offers the opportunity to link up. So many resources already and now even more the linkys. Keep it up! :)