Monday, January 19, 2015

Fashion Week for Preschoolers - Part 2

When I came up with the "Fashion Week" theme, I thought it'd be better than simply having a "clothing" theme. It was "more broad" in a way. I knew with a theme like that, I'd be able to include buttons, but also hair accessories, shoes, and so on. Speaking of shoes, I totally forgot to add the "shoe polishing" activity to our week! In retrospective, I think this theme would have been better if it had been a bit more limited...

Decorating a letter/name with buttons
I initially thought my daughter could decorate her name with buttons but then I thought again and well...names can be lengthy. In the end, I offered an array of letters we have already mastered the sounds of for her to embellish. She really liked this activity by the way.

Pin Punching a tie
Let's face it: it could have been any clothing item but the tie is somewhat straightforward work. A skirt would work well too. If you choose to do this work as well, carefully supervise the children: this size of pin is not only prickly, it is also definitely a choking hazard!

What's Missing? - Jewelry box visual discrimination
This was definitely very challenging. Not sure why. The idea was for her to look at the content of the jewelry box and then identify what went missing after I closed it. I initially thought it was too difficult because there were too many pieces so I reduced it to 4 items but even that was very hard and mostly left to luck it seems. My 6 year old son loved this box though. :) We'll give this another try with other items at a later time I think.

Lacing - Making a necklace
Hmm. A commercial activity! Too easy to put together! :) Love Melissa & Doug. From Melissa & Doug but not pictured, my daughter also dressed up some magnetic dolls.

Punching to make motifs in a shirt
Yet another punching activity! This one required different muscles though. :) It's a simple paper punch for corners so maybe the shirt was not the best clothing item to "embellish" but it still looked neat.

Fabric Swatch aka Color Tablets
My kids never cared much for color tablets. They'd much rather have the colors be presented to them as something else. Here, these felt squares were "fabric swatches" being matched by color for example. No problems here. All these colors are well mastered. I thought about putting out a fabric box as well but couldn't find new and interesting fabric...

Sock matching..and "rolling"
This activity was great on so many levels. First, it was a matching activity but since I gathered socks from various family members, it also gave us an opportunity to review the terms "small, medium, large". For a bit of practical life fun, we also rolled the socks into balls. Once we had lots of little sock-balls, we used the laundry basket as a target and proceeded to throw our sock-balls into it. This was a much loved activity as you can imagine.

Throwing sock-balls into the laundry basket

Fine Motor: Hair elastic on corks
What a nice presentation is makes in stores when all the accessories are on holders! With that in mind, I had Zahavah organize her own pony tail holders on these corks. It was the perfect size. Had it been too big, it would have been hard to stretch the elastic and hold the cork at the same time.

Making a bracelet with a toilet paper roll
I had seen this bracelet activity earlier this year on Happy Hooligans and thought it'd make for a nice craft during for Fashion Week. Now I wanted the paint to be shiny so I added corn syrup to the tempera paint. I do think I went a little overboard with the syrup...The paint was not so thick anymore and was kind of runny but my daughter loved the glossy finish. For decoration, we had gems and glitter pens.

The final masterpiece!

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