Sunday, December 28, 2014

Kitty Cat Birthday Party

December is one busy month for us. Many birthdays to celebrate on top of the holidays and well, I'm sure you know what it's like if you too, celebrate Christmas. Still, one of the highlights of the month is my sweet little daughter's birthday. This year, she turned four and requested well in advance a kitty cat themed birthday!

Happy Birthday Zahavah!
Homemade kitty cat cake
I have been baking a storm lately with the holidays around the corner. Baked many different kinds of cookies, maple cupcakes and...this birthday cake. I knew I wouldn't have a lot of time to put this one together so I tried to keep it simple. A nice vanilla scented cake with a vanilla buttercream frosting. Orange accents made with fondant and paws cut out of marshmallows. Meow!

Handmade Kitty cat favor bags
Instead of buying the favors bags, I decided to design my own. Paper bags are cheap after all and so is construction paper. I would have loved to find grey gift bags though...Oh well.

Kitty cat favors
Inside each kitty cat bag, the children could find a sheet of kitty cat stickers, a bag of stampers featuring paws of every color AND a set of cat rubber ducks! :) Stampers and rubber ducks were purchased from the Oriental Trading Company and the stickers are Mrs. Grossmann's.

Pin the bow on the cat
Pinning the tail on the donkey is one traditional birthday game. Well, this one wasn't so far from the real thing except the donkey was traded in for a cat...and the tail was switched for a pink bow! 

Famous cat quiz
Ah....I missed a few famous kitties for my quiz! How did THAT happen? I totally forgot Splat and all that. Oh well, for this activity, I printed pictures featuring cats most children know. Then it was quiz time. In case you wonder, the picture of the real cat features Maru, a beloved kitty my kids watch on YouTube! :)

Matching kitty and paws
So cute! Found several cat pictures and tried to find pictures of their paws for this matching activity. Some were easier than others of course (think Sphinx over beige cat).

Adopt-a-kitty activity
Who wouldn't want to adopt a kitty? These beautiful Aurora plushes are all the rage at our house. I got an array of "wild cats" and "domestic cats" ready for the adoption. I intended on getting only the pet ones but my son seemed more inclined towards to bigger felines! :) Free certificate of adoption courtesy of Chickabug.

Bling time
A little crafty fun for the plushes! A simple activity where a medallion is decorated with "bling" and glitter and offered to a kitty cat as a necklace.

Not pictured but also great for photo ops were my handmade kitty cat ears. Children had access to black face paint to draw whiskers and a nose if they wished.

Fun times! I must give credit to HWTM for a lot of the ideas! Check out the kitty cat party she featured and get more ideas and see the fancier version of her kitty party here.

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