Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Woodland Fairies - Part 2

How's the fairy unit inspiring you? Gathered some ideas already? It was quite a fun time for us to explore such a fascinating topic. Best of all, some of these activities will remain available for further play now that the unit has come to an end (i.e. the fairy garden play dough and the house you see below).

Handmade Fairy Tree house
Granted this was not entirely produced by my preschooler, she'll gladly boast to having painted every single cloud and tree you see here. The rest of the credit goes to an idea seen (but no longer seen...) on Disney.Family.Go website and to me for the cutting of the cardboard. The idea was to provide entertainment sure, but also to show how to play gently with items. Too often, children are rough with their toys and this one was most definitely not going to sustain such rough play...The house did not take nearly as long as I expected to cut and assemble (even without the free templates the website used to provide!)...especially considering how happy my little girl was in helping making it, seeing the final result and letting her new fairies try it!

The Cardboard Fairy Tree House...So cool
even 6 year old boys will enjoy them!

Sorting & Counting Butterfly Gems
Butterflies are somehow likely to be associated with fairies so I took this opportunity to get out my beautiful butterfly gems. It made for a great activity of sorting. The blue and dark purple butterflies were so close in color that at first, they were grouped together! Once the final sorting had taken place, we switched to a counting activity. Zahavah loves to count everything so she was very happy to see how many winged creatures were in each group.

Butterfly & Water Beads Transfer
More butterflies? Why not? Using a bathtub anti-slip applique, Zahavah transfered and balanced her favorite new school material : water pearls. It wasn't easy but she delighted in being allowed to manipulate the beads (and seeing them roll off of course!).

Making & Eating Fairy Bread
Hmm. Non-healthy snack in sight? Well, while exploring Oceania with my eldest, we did a lot of Montessori-style activities to keep him engaged. One of those was to make "fairy bread". Needless to say, it also happened to be perfect for Zahavah's thematic week so she was also allowed to make her own fairy bread too...and enjoyed it thoroughly! :)

Fairy Printable Pack
This unit also included a bit of "paperwork", courtesy of 1+1+1=1. I didn't print too many pages since little Z doesn't enjoy worksheets much but for the times where she wants to mimic her big brother, it was helpful and fun.

Chalkboard & Chalk: excellent for handwriting practice

In preparation for handwriting, Zahavah also got to "write" on her own chalkboard with colorful chalk. She's used it before but each time it comes out, she is so happy to see it.

Patterning with flowers from the fairy garden (aka flower buttons!)
Well this was rather hard. Somehow when she is using a worksheet, discovering what comes next is always easy but building a pattern sequence was awfully hard for my little one. Analyzing what came next was also difficult. Hmm. Maybe she was just having an off day...

Grace & Courtesy:
Opening and Closing doors quietly like the tooth fairy
A fairy week would of course not be complete without a grace and courtesy lesson! How does the tooth fairy come in our bedroom to exchange a tooth for money without being seen? She knows how to open and close the bedroom door super quietly of course! We pretended to be fairies with our doors and it seems the lesson has been learned...

Matching butterfly game
These are always fun! Printed off PreKinders, I got for free this nice set of real butterfly photographs for matching. 

Picture Story time!
Writing has been quite fascinating for my daughter. Her brother writes the longest "books" so she's quite wanting to "put down her own words" too. Unfortunately, she isn't quite there yet but to show her that those written symbols do carry a meaning, I printed off this picture for her and asked her to tell me the story that goes with it. I wrote it down for her and showed her each word as we went. She's asked me to read her story several times since.

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