Friday, January 24, 2014

Back to Blogging & Princess Birthday Party

I would like to start this post by apologizing for not being able to post anything in SO long. I certainly did not mean to be gone for this many weeks. I most resolutely thought that I would be back to blogging after our long (but much needed and enjoyed) vacation but for many reasons, until now, I was simply not able to. Overall, the biggest obstacle was a technical one: the inability to import ANY pictures to this computer for lack of memory (we sure love to take pictures here apparently! :)) and without any pictures, I felt my blog would be a bit daunting...Add to that the holidays, family visit, sickness, change of schedules and a princess party and that gives you a small idea as to why I couldn't be back as soon as I expected/wanted. That being said, it seems like most things are now back in order and so this blog should be back to running its usual course. Yay!

Princess Zahavah
Princess Zahavah Turns 3!

During the "intermission" you did miss a very important event though: Princess Zahavah's 3rd birthday. Yes, my "little baby" is now 3! For the big day, she requested a "big pink princess cake". Being that I'm the "head baker" of the family, I had lots of fun designing and making her cake (a vanilla batter topped with vanilla buttercream and pink fondant accents).

Pink Princess Birthday Cake
A Big Pink Princess Castle Cake

As for favors...well, would you guess that I found lots of Crayola wax crayons on clearance and thus got to make my now famous gem crayons? Zahavah offered these with "color your own Disney Princess stickers" sheets we purchased and everyone seemed delighted! :)

Princess Gem Recycled Gem Crayons Favors
Princess Favors : Handmade Crayons Shaped Like Gems with Stickers

Looking for princess-themed activities? Well, we didn't have time to do any with our friends during the birthday bash BUT we are planning for an entire week themed accordingly so stay tuned!

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