Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter for Preschoolers - Part 3

Well I hope everyone who celebrates Easter had a delightful one! We certainly did! The children enjoyed their first Easter egg hunt outside under the marveling eyes of our neighbors (maybe the Germans don't have a egg hunt?) and are now enjoying their chocolate eggs a little bit at a time. And, better late than ever, my last post on Easter activities, enjoyed by my preschooler...

Egg Dyeing Robin Eggs
Dyeing Easter Eggs & Trying New Techniques

Believe it or not, this was Adrian's first time of dyeing eggs...and mine too possibly? I remember decorating mine (always blown out, never hard boiled) with markers and stickers and stencils. Well this year, I hard boiled a few eggs for Adrian and the next day, Adrian helped me dye them. He chose the colors and helped all along. He was very excited. He also assisted with the other half of the eggs which were blown out (my traditional way). We decided to try a new technique for the "empty" eggs by "marbleizing" them to look like robin eggs. Adrian loved to help with that part but hated the oil on his fingers! :) Liking the look? Visit Martha Stewart for some information. She'll guide you through the easy process and will show you other techniques we may try next year! ;)

Stapled Basket
Homemade Basket -Weaving & Stapling

I used to try and made my own Easter baskets as a kid and loved it. I guess I thought I'd pass on that "gene". I figured it would be a nice way to incorporate weaving and an initiation to stapling at the same time. I guess I forgot how difficult it was to actually do. I ended up doing most of the work since the construction paper was "too flimsy". Adrian could not even get the stapler to staple completely without help. I'll have to look into a smaller one or maybe one that just "folds". Those might be easier to handle...

Stapling Basket Supplies
Supplies for the Basket : pre-cut construction paper and stapler

Easter Egg Craft Chalk
In the making of a big Easter Egg with Wet Chalk

Easter Egg Tape Resist Chalk
Easter Egg Tape Resist with Wet Chalk

Adrian loves chalk but the cold weather has prevented us from using our jumbo sidewalk chalk for a very long time now. After seeing a post on Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas, I was completely sold on the idea of using it inside to make an Easter Egg Wet Chalk Tape Resist. Adrian was too as soon as he saw the big egg and chalk. Masking Tape? Even better! Unfortunately, the tape made him so happy he pressed real hard with the first few strips and it made it quite difficult to remove after the chalk dried ()van you tell which ones?) and so strips of cardboard came off with the tape. Next time, I'll be trying painter's tape to see if it makes a difference and will remind him to press ever so gently before we start...

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  1. How was your Easter? Well, so silly of me. I bet it was awesome given by the looks of the eggs you made here.

    1. We had a good time making the eggs during Holy Week. I was surprised how easy it was to make them. Easter time was a bit tough for the entire household due to sickness but we're all better now and sickness will never keep ANY of my children from Easter activities and chocolate anyway! :) Glad to see you stopping by again. :)