Thursday, January 24, 2013

Outer Space for Preschoolers - Part 3

Outer Space Week ended last week for us but it must really have made an impression because my son has been asking for the space cards and outer space puzzle daily despite the fact that we moved on to a different theme this week so if you wonder if preschoolers might be a bit too young to appreciate the density of a topic like space...don't! Just go with it! :)

Space Shuttle Craft

I always try to find cute crafts and projects to accompany our thematics and this one was just too cute not to try. I found it at A Little Delightful. It uses a footprint cut from aluminum foil, star stickers, glue, glitter, pre-cut construction paper shapes and silk paper your child can crumple him/herself.

Constellation Pin Punching 

First saw these on Counting Coconuts. Just had to print these for pin punching as well. I used styrofoam as a backer and a regular pin for the punching. Adrian loved punching and punched every card in the deck and liked counting the number of holes pierced.

Giant Floor Puzzle

This giant Melissa & Doug puzzle was a gift Adrian received this summer for his birthday. He has since put it together a few times but I made a point to bring it out this week so we could discuss the solar system a bit more. Adrian fell in love. He's put it together every single day since.

Counting Moon Rocks

Knowing other planets have moons, I pretended these gems and pebbles were "moon rocks" from Ganymede (one of Jupiter's moons - pictured on the left) and from Phobos (one of Mars' moons - pictured on the right). Adrian simply had to count how many moon rocks came from each moon.

Star to Star

Once again, this is something we did during our "In the Woods" week but that was worth re-visiting. I thought it was so cute how it's star to star and not dot to dot and that the work links constellations. Print your own free copy on Crayola's website.

Lacing Constellations

Lacing is a very nice dexterity activity. Here is a very nice way to put it out during outer space week: constellation lacing! I found this Big Dipper card (and a few more) at Mrs. Home Economist.

This concludes our unit on outer space. Please visit us again in a few days to see our Winter Unit!

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  1. I’m so glad you linked this post to Discover and Explore. I love all of your theme posts! I'll be featuring your constellation lacing activity tomorrow. Excited to see what you share for our park theme this week.

    1. Park theme? Not sure I have anything to share. It's a great theme but we haven't really explore that theme yet. :( Blame it on the bad weather we've been having! :) I loved seeing everyone Moon and Stars projects. Adrian loves outer space and we'll be studying it more next year so I'll be gathering more ideas with your post for sure. Thanks! :) And thank you for the feature as well! It's always great to see my post selected to be be featured amongst others seeing all the creativity out there!

  2. Thanks for the lacing cards! Is there any advice on how to punch out the holes in the middle of the constellation? My normal hole puncher won't reach!

    1. It's been a while since I punched mine. I might have bunched up the paper a bit to get it done. Then again, the cards weren't so big. A nail might be helpful too though...